Do you know what your online data footprint consists of? How much do you care about your online image? When you think about your financial data footprint, how do you feel?


data selfie.jpeg

It turns out over a quarter of people are bored by the topic of financial data, according to 2017 Experian research. As a data company, they want to tackle this apathy and encourage people to learn more about their online financial profile.

Working alongside their PR agency Marlin, I wrote an online guide for their website, "Understanding your Data Self", which featured fresh and quirky insights on how the British public views financial data and interactive tips for learning more about it. The aim was to create content that was light-hearted and easy to read, while covering complex areas such as how your credit report is scored. 

The addition of topical infographics based on consumer research, video content and comical images all helped to spark curiosity about the idea of your "Data Self" and make this serious topic accessible and entertaining.

Read the Data Self report here: